Rod Stud Assembly RSDA

Rod Socket and Threaded Stud Assembly. Please check data for maximum rigging sizes. Left Hand and custom refit applications available on request.

Rod Stud Assembly / RSDA
Part number(Ø) A
ThreadWeight (kg)
RSDA-0004-3-8131103/8"-24 UNF0.07
RSDA-0006-3-8161153/8"-24 UNF0.111
RSDA-0006-7-16161157/16"-20 UNF0.111
RSDA-0008-7-16181257/16"-20 UNF0.171
RSDA-0008-1-2181251/2"-20 UNF0.171
RSDA-0010-1-2201401/2"-20 UNF0.288
RSDA-0012-1-2221431/2"-20 UNF0.322
RSDA-0012-5-8221435/8"-18 UNF0.32
RSDA-0015-5-8241855/8"-18 UNF0.359
RSDA-0017-5-8261865/8"-18 UNF0.552
RSDA-0017-3/4261863/4"-16 UNF0.552
RSDA-0022-3-427215.53/4"-16 UNF0.581
RSDA-0030-7-831.75251.57/8"-14 UNF0.926
RSDA-0040-1-236277.51"-14 UNF1.327
  • All dimensions have a +/- 0.25 tolerance unless otherwise stated.
  • All data is subject to design change, these changes may take place without prior notification.
  • Further information and details of larger sizes available upon request.
  • Custom Refit Applications available on request.