Grand Prix Stemball N-Series GPSN

Tapered Stemball. Custom sizes available upon request.

Grand Prix Stemball N-Series / GPSN
Part Number(Ø) A(Ø) BCDRadiusWeight (kg)
GPSN-000412.1 mm6.4 mm18 mm2.427.8 mm0.005
GPSN-000614 mm7 mm20 mm1.678.8 mm0.006
GPSN-000817.3 mm8.1 mm23 mm2.4310.8 mm0.012
GPSN-001017.3 mm9.1 mm25 mm2.5210.8 mm0.012
GPSN-001219.6 mm9.5 mm28 mm1.7312.5 mm0.014
GPSN-001523 mm10.9 mm30 mm4.2714.8 mm0.028
GPSN-001723 mm12 mm34 mm4.2114.8 mm0.029
GPSN-002226.2 mm12.7 mm38 mm2.7816.66 mm0.040
GPSN-003030 mm14 mm44 mm3.6619 mm0.058
GPSN-004838.9 mm18 mm57 mm4.6425.4 mm0.127
GPSN-006042.2 mm20.5 mm67 mm6.0026.9 mm0.162
GPSN-007648.9 mm25.0 mm72 mm7.4730.2 mm0.266
GPSN-009153.3 mm26.5 mm78 mm8.5934.1 mm0.365
GPSN-011555.8 mm30 mm89 mm8.3135.5 mm0.412
GPSN-015063.5 mm34 mm101 mm8.6840.6 mm0.587
GPSN-017069.9 mm37 mm108 mm11.5344.45 mm0.831
GPSN-019571.8 mm37 mm114 mm9.3145.72 mm0.813
GPSN-022079.5 mm40 mm121 mm10.5450.8 mm1.076
GPSN-026084.1 mm44 mm134 mm12.7653.34 mm1.405
GPSN-0320100.3 mm49.0 mm152 mm10.7663.5 mm2.025
  • All dimensions have a +/- 0.25 tolerance unless otherwise stated.
  • All data is subject to design change, these changes may take place without prior notification.
  • Further information and details of larger sizes available upon request.
  • Custom Refit Applications available on request.