Eye Part EYE

Standard rigging terminal with threaded end that interfaces with many rigging terminals for use in numerous applications.

Eye Part / EYE
Part Number(Ø) ABCDEFThread Diameter
EYE-00037.948." - 24 UNF
EYE-00049.539." - 24 UNF
EYE-00069.5311." - 20 UNF
EYE-000811.1112.517.011.023.548.01/2" - 20 UNF
EYE-001012.7014." - 18 UNF
EYE-001212.7015." - 18 UNF
EYE-001715.8818." - 16 UNF
EYE-002219.0520." - 16 UNF
EYE-003022.2324." - 14 UNF
EYE-004025.4027." - 12 UNF
EYE-004828.5830." - 12 UNF
EYE-006031.7533." - 12 UNF
EYE-007634.9340.554.535.075.0150.0M39 X 3P
EYE-009134.9341. X 3P
EYE-011538.1048. X 3P
EYE-015044.4555.069.045.0108.0196.0M52 X 3P
EYE-017047.6360.071.048.0114.0229.0M56 X 3P
EYE-022053.9866.082.054.0130.0255.0M64 X 3P
EYE-026063.5073.598.563.0139.0290.0M70 X 4P
EYE-032069.079.5106.569.0154.0316.0M80 X 4P
EYE-043073.0395.0112.073.0184.0358.0M95 X 4P
EYE-054083.00103.0123.083.0206.0513.0M110 X 4P
EYE-064095.00118.0130.095.0226.0560.0M115 X 5P
  • All dimensions are expressed in millimetres (mm) unless otherwise stated.
  • All dimensions have a +/- 0.25 tolerance unless otherwise stated.
  • All data is subject to design change, these changes may take place without prior notification.
  • Further information and details of larger sizes available upon request.