Terminations KSBA

OYS has developed a high strength, lightweight socket, which can be combined with any OYS end fitting to provide a solution to almost Kevlar® rigging problem. Custom designed Grand Prix terminals available upon request.

Terminations / KSBA
Part NumberSizeABThread Diameter
KSBA-00303.019.078.07/16" - 20 UNF
KSBA-00505.023.095.01/2" - 20 UNF
KSBA-00707.028.0103.05/8" - 20 UNF
KSBA-00909.032.0115.03/4" - 18 UNF
KSBA-012012.034.0134.03/4" - 16 UNF
KSBA-015015.039.0166.07/8" - 14 UNF
KSBA-020020.044.5187.01" - 12 UNF
KSBA-025025.050.0217.011/8" - 12 UNF
KSBA-035035.060.0261.011/4" - 12 UNF
KSBA-045045.068.0284.0M42 X 3p
KSBA-055055.076.0320.0M48 X 3p
KSBA-065065.083.0341.0M52 X 3p
KSBA-080080.090.0397.0M56 X 3p
  • All dimensions are expressed in millimetres (mm) unless otherwise stated.
  • All dimensions have a +/- 0.25 tolerance unless otherwise stated.
  • All data is subject to design change, these changes may take place without prior notification.
  • Further information and details of larger sizes available upon request.