OYS Architectural Unilever

oys unilever floating floorUnilever PLC headquarters in London required the design, supply and installation of a structural rigging system to support a series of glass walkways within the triangular atrium.

OYS was brought in to suspend from the ninth floor of the main atrium, four glass walkways which are supported between each floor, by an integrated network of 44 bars and 266 individual custom rod hanger fittings which when assembled lock each rod end into a series of steel node castings welded into strategic corners of the walkway. Made from high tensile Duplex steel, the rods were supplied in 45mm, 50mm and 60mm diameters with lengths ranging from 4 to 12 meters. The Duplex fittings were designed around similar connections used in the OYS marine range, such as Micro Stemballs and Rod Steels.

oys floating floor architectural fittingsOYS were tasked with performing 3D modelling of all individual components, full structure assemblies and the modelling of 3D wireframe to ensure that exact rod lengths and angles were correct. OYS supplied full-scale load testing, X-ray certification, chemical analysis of the actual casting material and full finite element analysis (FEA) of the node assemblies and localised ports.

“We approached OYS to supply the rod suspension system for our hanging atrium platforms as their position as market leaders in high technology yacht rigging enabled them to provide a level of detail sophistication that is not readily available in the construction industry.

The result is an apparently effortless piece of engineering with minimal material content and clean aerodynamic forms, which, are inherent in state-of-the-art racing yachts and so essential to the success of our design. Needless to say, we are delighted and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OYS.” Rod Pebbles, Kohn Pederson Fox Architects.