OYS Architectural Savile Row

oys floating floor savile row23 Savile Row is a seven-storey office and retail building designed by Eric Parry Architects. The building provides 95,000 sq ft of net office floor space with clear floor plates of 17,000 sq ft net. There is also 5,000 sq ft retail unit on the ground floor.

oys savile row sculpture suspensionThe building received a major commission to feature a piece of public art designed by the famous New York sculptor Joel Shapiro. OYS supplied a bespoke rigging system designed to suspend the unique sculpture from the building giving the impression of the sculpture floating free in space.

Six anchor points recessed within the body of the sculpture connect to an array of high-tension steel wires, which interface with the main building brackets. These brackets are concealed behind the stone clad facia offering clean aesthetic lines and a minimalist look that does not compromise the visual impact of the sculpture.