About OYS Architectural

OYS-Architectural_Onsite-VisitOYS are established world leaders in the design and manufacture of structural rigging systems for the marine industry, specialising in leading-edge bespoke solutions for superyachts and large boats up to 300 feet in length.

Our technical pedigree and innovative approach have led to the formation of OYS Architectural, a division specifically created to serve the construction industry with high aesthetic, unique structural rigging designs. The transferal of knowledge from applications gained from the marine industry has led OYS to work on a number of high profile and interesting concepts from design to construction.

From office building and airport terminals to bridges and modern art structures, OYS Architectural offers a complete holistic solution incorporating structural design, testing and material selection, project management, manufacture, installation and service. Similar to our marine products, OYS offer a diverse range of materials and an unlimited array of end terminations and tailored connections designed to suit the needs of any architectural application.