OYS to relocate operations

OYS to relocate operationsFrom the 1st April 2021 OYS will be moving all operations to BSI A/S Group in Denmark. This move is due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in place and to ensure OYS can continue to provide the highest level of product and service to customers in the UK and around the world.

“This is a temporary move,” comments Morten Madsen CEO of OYS. “Ocean Yacht Systems Limited and the brand OYS will remain in the UK and once COVID-19 restrictions ease, will be look to move to our new UK facility.”

Customers of OYS can be assured that the movement of manufacturing and rod heading to Denmark will have no financial impact on price, delivery, or service from OYS. All invoicing will still be through the UK, and OYS orders are to be placed through Robbie Sargent, OYS Sales Manager, [email protected].

Any questions specifically relating to this announcement should be directed to Morten Madsen, CEO of Ocean Yacht Systems Ltd, phone +45 28 92 93 10 or email [email protected].